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At Mudanzas Sabaté we care about offering a quality and personalized removal service for each client. Therefore, we follow a meticulous process to ensure that each move is made successfully and without setbacks.

Our packing and unpacking service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your items will be carefully packed and transported safely.

Our professional team will help you prepare your move, from dismantling furniture to packing and labeling objects.

Leave us the heavy work and enjoy your move without worries.

When it comes to removals, we know that transporting large and heavy furniture can be challenging.

With our lift crane, furniture moves easily and precisely, regardless of its size or weight. From sofas and cabinets to pianos and appliances, our crane will take care of loading and unloading them safely and efficiently. No more worries about narrow corners or small spaces, as our crane is designed to overcome any obstacle and take your furniture to its destination without mishap.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, our lift crane has a team of highly qualified professionals, who will be responsible for operating it with skill and care. Their experience and knowledge will give you the peace of mind you need throughout the moving process.

With our furniture lift crane rental service, your move will become a stress-free, fast and safe experience. Let us help you make this process an exciting and worry-free time.

Disassembling and assembling furniturecan be a difficult and complicated task, but our team of professionals is here to do it for you. With our furniture dismantling and assembly service, you can ensure that your furniture will be moved safely and without damage.

Let us take care of the details and enjoy your new home with your newly assembled furniture.

If you need to store your objects for a certain time, our storage service is the perfect solution for you.

We offer safe and guarded storage spaces to guarantee the integrity of your objects. With easy and flexible access, you can reach your belongings whenever you need it. With our storage service, you can leave your objects in expert hands and focus on what really matters: your new home.

Our floor emptying and waste management service (clean point) allows you to get rid of everything you no longer need and ensure that the materials are treated responsibly.

Our professional team will help you remove and transport all the materials you want to get rid of, from furniture to appliances and other materials.
With our waste management service, you can be sure that materials will be treated and disposed of sustainably and responsibly.

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